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Narasimhan K. (Shekar) Swamy

Narasimhan K. (Shekar) Swamy (MSA80) is president of the advertising agency RK SWAMY/BBDO, which is among the Top 10 in India, with clients such as FedEx, Mercedes Benz and Sony. Under his leadership, which began in 1985, the Bombay agency has grown in size and scope from a relatively modest Indian Rupees 80 million operation to an important and successful constituent of a large multi-national network with an Indian Rupees 2 billion-plus operation.

Swamy serves on the board of the Indian Co. and BBDO Asia Pacific, is a member of that agency’s worldwide management team and president of the all-India network. Swamy’s area of specialization is in developing businesses, marketing and communication strategies for companies and brands. He has worked with a large number of multi-national companies and across markets.

His experience and interest in cross-border communications led him, along with Professor Emeritus Don Schultz, to successfully develop a course on global marketing communication, which they have been co-teaching to Medill’s Integrated Marketing Communication students since 1997.

Swamy is also actively involved in developing the professional standards of the advertising, media and marketing business in India. He is a co-founder and past chairman of the not-for-profit Media Research Users Council, a body that has been at the forefront of organizing media research in that country.

Swamy is a sports enthusiast (he knocks a cricket ball around when he gets a chance), reads whatever he could lay his hands on when he gets the time, and continues to travel across many markets in keeping with his interest on cross-border cultures and communications.