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Richard Elden

Richard Elden (BA56) was a member of the Medill Hall of Achievement.

Elden was the founder and former chairman of Grosvenor Capital Management. Established in 1971, Grosvenor, which managed the first fund of hedge funds in the United States.

Elden was a principal in Lakeview Investment Manager which manages a fund of activist hedge funds. He was also a special adviser to Icahn Partners. Elden served on the investment committees of the University of Chicago, the Field Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Francis W. Parker School.

While an undergraduate at Northwestern, Elden worked for the Daily Northwestern. He traveled to Russia in 1953 and wrote articles about the trip for the Daily.

Prior to founding Grosvenor, Elden was a reporter for the International News Service, the City News Bureau of Chicago and the Chicago Sun-Times. In addition, he was a financial analyst with Science Research Associates and a securities analyst with A.G. Becker & Co., Inc. Elden earned his MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and participated in the Harvard Business School's Owner-President Management Program.

Elden died in 2018.