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Stanley Tannenbaum Memorial Award

Stanley Tannenbaum Memorial Award

The Stanley Tannenbaum Memorial Award is presented to Part-Time and Online integrated marketing communications students who have outstanding academic performance.

The award is dedicated to Tannenbaum, the first chairman of Medill’s IMC program. He began his career as a copywriter with the Kenyon & Eckard advertising agency, and he worked his way up to chairman of the board. During his time with K & E, Tannenbaum created the famous Brylcreem jingle, “a little dab’ll do ya.” After a short stint as executive vice president of Turtle Wax, Tannenbaum joined the faculty at Northwestern, where he taught for 15 years before retiring in 1998. He died in 2001.

IMC faculty members select the recipients of the Stanley Tannenbaum Memorial Award and honor them at the graduation convocation.



  • Anthony Jeffrey Marano
  • Christian Lundy


  • Colleen Curtis
  • Julie Doney
  • Marianne Edwards
  • Elizabeth Good
  • Joi Ruud


  • Jeffrey GoodSmith
  • Daria Gorodnia
  • Arianna Marie Kughn


  • Karen Dale Lonsdale-Hands
  • Arden Joy Schuman
  • Jennifer Lynn Methling


  • Ruthie Marie Fischer
  • Helen Louise Mubarak


  • Scott Knudson