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Board of Advisers

Headshot of Bradley Akubuiro (BSJ11)

Bradley Akubuiro (BSJ11)

Partner, Bully Pulpit Interactive

Headshot of Elizabeth Heller Allen (BSJ75)

Elizabeth Heller Allen (BSJ75)

Retired Senior Vice President, External Affairs, MetroHealth System

Headshot of Melissa  Bernal-Vega  (BSJ97)

Melissa Bernal-Vega (BSJ97)

Co-Founder and CFO, CANVAS Real Estate Services

Headshot of Melissa Dell'Aringa Brotz (BSJ90)

Melissa Dell'Aringa Brotz (BSJ90)

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Abbott

Headshot of Edith Chapin (BSJ87)

Edith Chapin (BSJ87)

Vice President and Executive Editor of NPR News

Headshot of Jose Rene Costa (IMC04)

Jose Rene Costa (IMC04)

CEO, Magnolia Wash Holdings

Headshot of Marcia Davis

Marcia Davis

Supervising Editor of Race and Identity at National Public Radio

Headshot of Robert T. Eaton (BSJ63)

Robert T. Eaton (BSJ63)

Principal, Kemjac LLC

Headshot of Mark E. Ferguson (BSJ80)

Mark E. Ferguson (BSJ80)

Founding Partner, Bartlit Beck LLP

Headshot of Dennis J. FitzSimons

Dennis J. FitzSimons

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, McCormick Foundation

Headshot of Alvin From (BSJ65, MSJ66)

Alvin From (BSJ65, MSJ66)

Retired, Founder and CEO Democratic Leadership Council

Headshot of Edward S. Gillette (WEINBERG88)

Edward S. Gillette (WEINBERG88)

CEO, Scranton Gillette Communications

Headshot of Joshua P. Grau (IMC04)

Joshua P. Grau (IMC04)

Partner with Reforge

Headshot of Tariq Hassan (IMC94)

Tariq Hassan (IMC94)

Chief Marketing and Digital Customer Experience Officer for McDonald's USA

Headshot of Scott L. Klug (MSJ76)

Scott L. Klug (MSJ76)

Managing Director, Public Affairs, Foley & Lardner LLP, and Former Member of Congress

Headshot of Michael M. Lazerow (BSJ96, MSJ96)

Michael M. Lazerow (BSJ96, MSJ96)

Investor, Lazerow Ventures

Headshot of Lisa Elaine Mar (BSJ87)

Lisa Elaine Mar (BSJ87)

Managing Director, The Mar Partnership

Headshot of Donald McAllister, Jr.  (MSJ71)

Donald McAllister, Jr. (MSJ71)

Retired as CEO, Geyer-McAllister Publications, Inc.

Headshot of John F. Modzelewski (MSJ80)

John F. Modzelewski (MSJ80)

Retired as President for the Americas, Senior Partner, FleishmanHillard Inc.

Headshot of Matt Murray (BSJ87, MSJ88)

Matt Murray (BSJ87, MSJ88)

Dow Jones News Corporation

Headshot of Brett Aubrey Pulley (MSJ87)

Brett Aubrey Pulley (MSJ87)

Atlanta Bureau Chief, Bloomberg

Headshot of Emily Ramshaw (BSJ03)

Emily Ramshaw (BSJ03)

Co-Founder and CEO of The 19th

Headshot of Nancy Shaw (BSJ69)

Nancy Shaw (BSJ69)

Consultant, Strategic Communications

Headshot of Mary Lou Song (BSJ91)

Mary Lou Song (BSJ91)

Chair, Board of Advisers

Headshot of Charlotte Tsou (IMC02)

Charlotte Tsou (IMC02)

Head of Marketing Analytics & Insights, Prudential Financial

Headshot of Michael R. Wilbon (BSJ80, Trustee)

Michael R. Wilbon (BSJ80, Trustee)

Columnist, ESPN, Co-Host, "Pardon the Interruption"

Emeritus Board Members

Headshot of Patricia Lee Blackburn (BSJ74, MSJ76)

Patricia Lee Blackburn (BSJ74, MSJ76)

Retired Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs, Ingersoll Rand Co.

Headshot of Sue Hastings Bohle (BSJ64, MSJ69)

Sue Hastings Bohle (BSJ64, MSJ69)

Retired President, The Bohle Company

Headshot of Rance E. Crain (BSJ60)

Rance E. Crain (BSJ60)

(Retired) President, Crain Communications Inc.

Headshot of James F. Duda (BSJ89)

James F. Duda (BSJ89)

Executive Vice President, Genus Holdings, LLC, and Managing Partner, Dallas Venture Partners

Headshot of Howard E. Geltzer (BSJ58, MSJ59)

Howard E. Geltzer (BSJ58, MSJ59)

Retired PR Agency CEO, Current Adjunct Professor

Headshot of Evan Andrew Smith (MSJ88)

Evan Andrew Smith (MSJ88)

CEO and co-founder of The Texas Tribune