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Bob Rowley

Bob Rowley

Adjunct Lecturer and Co-Director, Politics, Policy and Foreign Affairs Specialization

Bob Rowley is co-director of the Politics, Policy and Foreign Affairs specialization in the MSJ program at Medill.

He teaches the Journalism in Practice class on Israel as part of Medill’s undergraduate program. He also is assistant vice president of media relations at Northwestern University. In addition, he teaches Content and Influencer Marketing in the MSC Program at the School of Communication. Rowley also lectures on education, public policy advocacy, communication and foreign reporting at Northwestern and other universities.

Rowley spent 30 years at the Chicago Tribune, the final seven of them as national editor. He served as a member of the Editorial Board there, writing about foreign affairs and defense issues. He was a foreign correspondent for 12 years based in Mexico, Canada and Israel. He also served as the Tribune's White House and Pentagon correspondents in Washington, D.C., and as a national correspondent based in Dallas


Rowley has a Master of Science in Communication degree from Northwestern and earned his undergraduate degree from Harvard University.