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Jacqueline Babb

Jacqueline Babb


Senior Lecturer and Director of IMC Full-Time Program

Phone:847-467-3547Office: MFC 3-121

Jacqueline Babb is a committed and experienced marketing professional and educator with 20 years of experience. She teaches courses in marketing strategy, IMC strategy and digital marketing. Babb is a marketing and nonprofit consultant, providing clients with actionable marketing strategies to achieve key performance indicators. She is a national speaker and is a professor in HubSpot's social media marketing strategy certification course. Babb's expertise lies in nonprofit marketing, corporate social responsibility, ESG and sustainable marketing.

Babb believes that students learn by doing. Students are at work in her class, whether it’s an audit of their digital footprint, mapping consumer perceptions, or creating stakeholder maps. Hands-on instruction solidifies IMC concepts while teaching students how to collaborate and communicate.