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Preeti Shroff

Preeti Shroff


Professor and Director of IMC Executive Programs

Preeti Shroff-Mehta currently serves as a professor and director of executive programs at Medill. She has more than 25 years of experience in international projects and academic management with global institutions including the World Bank, USAID, UN, World Learning, John’s Hopkins, University of Maryland, and School for International Training (SIT) in Washington DC, Vermont and around the world.

She offers courses in Circular Economy and Business Sustainability, Change Management Leadership, Strategic Communications, and Place Branding. She is working on multiple book publications on Global and Digital Governance Reform, Women’s Leadership Path, ESG Maturity: Digital, Start-Ups to Legacy Organizations.

She worked as the Dean, MICA - School of Ideas - specializing in management, marketing, digital transformation, communication and creativity. She has led leadership, management and executive development programs for corporate clients. She led global partnerships for MICA studies on global governance, women’s leadership path in India, China and the U.S. She served as the chair, MICA - Sustainability Projects for Development Management and Communication (CDMC).

She is the former dean of World Learning – School for International Training, SIT in Washington DC and Vermont. She has extensive experience in the field of international management and development, democratic governance, public and private sector leadership, and civil society capacity development. Her experience includes varied international projects involving program management and training in leadership across Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and North America. Over the years, she has worked with multiple international organizations and projects in various countries, including the World Bank, USAID, UNDP, US State Department’s Bureau of Human Rights (DRL), Middle Eastern Peace Initiative (MEPI), World Bank, Institute for Inclusive Security, Peace Corps, Atlas Corps, Ford Foundation, The Zonta Foundation, Canadian Ministry for Economic Development, OXFAM, Social and Health Ministry of Government of Finland, Misereor of Germany, UNICEF and Government of India.

She serves as the board member for multiple global and country specific education and corporate institutions. She has been appointed as the senior advisor, Institute for Development Impact, Washington, D.C.: Gates Foundation and MARS Consortium Initiative for Inclusive Global Sujpply Chains and as the associate editor for the Journal of Sustainable Marketing edtitorial board. Her passion is to promote sustainable enterprises and brand innovations across countries.