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Randy Hlavac

Randy Hlavac


Phone:630-328-9550Office: Fisk B5

Randy Hlavac is a lecturer in the Medill IMC department and teaches Digital, Social and Mobile Marketing. He teaches his classes to use the most sophisticated social monitoring and management systems while building actual social and mobile marketing strategies for companies throughout the world. Hlavac is also a faculty advisor for Vitamin IMC and is the director of the Medill IMC OmniChannel Initiative, which trains students to market in a real-time world.

Outside of Northwestern, Hlavac is the CEO of Marketing Synergy, Inc., a consulting company dedicated to helping organizations improve their strategic and tactical marketing programs using the advanced analytics necessary to market in today’s real-time engagement world. He is also the author of “Social IMC: Social Strategies with Bottom-Line ROI,” a book recently published that provides CEOs and CMOs with strategies and development methodologies to manage social investment with business metrics.

Hlavac is a member of IBM’s Academic Initiative, and has been selected by IBM to discuss social marketing strategies at IBM eCommerce, Big Data and other IBM summits. He also speaks on marketing topics at conferences and summits throughout the world.