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Cost of Attendance

The estimated cost of attendance is used to help guide your financial planning, determine financial aid eligibility and offer federal loans to students applying for federal financial aid. It includes University direct charges such as tuition and fees, and variable expenses for books and supplies, transportation, health insurance, personal expenses, and housing and food.

Keep in mind that your actual costs may differ depending on your individual expenses, budget needs and financial planning. Learn more about financing your Medill education on our financial aid page. If there is need for additional expenses, students can request an adjustment to their cost of attendance budget based on special or unusual circumstances. Please contact Associate Director of Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid Donna Su.

University direct charges

All students are charged tuition and fees for activity & graduate health services.

Total for Four Quarters Based on the 2023-2024 budget
Tuition $71,328
Fees $2,310
Total direct charges $73,638

Variable expenses

Actual amounts for the following items will vary depending on your needs, budgeting decisions and financial aid eligibility. The amounts listed are for four quarters.

Variable Expenses
Books and supplies
This may include expenses needed for books and supplies.
This may include airline tickets and other related transportation costs for getting to/from campus(es) as well as other expenses related to ground transportation beyond the CTA pass distributed by Medill.
Student health insurance (NU-SHIP)
Domestic students can waive Northwestern's student health insurance plan with proof of alternative health insurance. International students are required to purchase health insurance through Northwestern.
Housing and food
This may include expenses related to housing on or off campus and expenses for meals.
Loan fees
Fees are charged when student loans disburse. Depending on the type of loan and your loan amount, your actual loan fees will vary.
Personal expenses
This may include other expenses not captured in the above listed categories related to students’ individual needs.