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Health, Environment and Science Embedded Reporting

Embedded reporting pairs you with global science field research teams to track the retreat of the glaciers in Mongolia, join doctors providing prenatal care in remote villages of Nicaragua, join NOAA’s hurricane hunters and tornado chasers, and explore caves in the Yucatan that reveal clues to changing environments and ancient civilizations. This is just a small sampling of the assignments we have offered.

In addition, you can identify your own embedded reporting assignments for Medill approval. You will produce blogs or multimedia bulletins while in the field and produce in-depth stories when you return. Stories completed for embedded reporting are pitched to major media. National Geographic, Huffington Post, Pacific Standard, Slate and other media have published or aired the stories in the past.

A student rides a camel
Embedded reporter Sarah Kramer astride a Bactrian camel with a research team tracking the retreat of the glaciers and climate triggers in Mongolia. The team enjoyed the jaunt, but decided to use horses to carry field research equipment up into the mountains of Mongolia.