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Health and Science Seminar

Health and Science Seminar teaches you to take command of a technological world with strategies to find, interpret and communicate complex science stories to general audiences. You discover and apply techniques to make the stories accessible and to emphasize the impact of science news on people’s lives, families and communities. You meet with diverse scientists and science reporters to better understand how both work. You learn to distinguish good science from bad, to analytically evaluate studies and to translate the relevance of even the most complicated research.

Plan on field trips to explore a national laboratory and labs pursuing personalized medicine and cutting-edge energy research. Plan on in-class presentations and lively discussions of the ethics and accuracy of science in the news. Because science is vast and you each have unique interests, assignments may be satisfied with work focused on medical innovation, public health, technology, the environment, space exploration, physics or other areas of your choice. From time to time, we contribute to online media sites.