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Leadership Strategies

Leadership Strategies

Your future involves leading in organizations, teams, non-profits, for profits, government, start-ups, and/or media companies. If you plan to be a reporter, your leadership skills are needed when you work with colleagues and the communities that you are a part of and report in. This class develops your skills in communication, coaching and nurturing talent, economic and financial literacy, and business planning while managing innovation. Media organizations need these skills to thrive in the next decades.

You will read relevant articles on management and leadership and comment on them on discussion boards; take an online course in economic literacy; watch some videos and listen to some podcasts. This class is meant to help you become the best leader you can be.

Leadership Strategies’ goals include you learning how to

  1. Demonstrate effectiveness in leading organizations
  2. Prove leadership qualities through effective communications strategies
  3. Show capacity for envisioning future directions
  4. Coach talent and improve your economic and financial literacy