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Astasia Williams (MSJ17)

Social Media and Digital Media Manager at D.C. United

Astasia Williams

When Astasia Williams (MSJ17) first started using Twitter, she didn’t have a goal. It was just something fun and casual for her to talk about her interests. But she learned that the platform could be a space for her career to grow, and that was reinforced by what she learned at Medill. Now as Social Media and Digital Media Manager at D.C. United, the Washington, D.C. professional soccer team, Williams gets the chance to use her experience from Medill to score new followers on social media.

Tell us about your career path.

I grew up as a coach’s daughter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and that meant spending my days at my dad’s job at the field house. Sports has been something a part of my life and has raised me to be the person I am now. As I got older, I realized TV was not the place for me and switched my focus to writing and digital media. I used Twitter to talk about sports, music and joke here and there. The “branding” I did for myself on social media was enough to land me my first job in the NFL at the Carolina Panthers. Then two years later, I’m here as the Social and Digital Manager for D.C. United. What a time!

What are your job responsibilities?

As the Social and Digital Media Manager, the first and main thing my boss wants to do is bring our brand true to D.C. and regain the trust of the OG fan while inviting the younger generation.  I talk with the creative team to see what ideas they have for the games or events. I also spend a lot of time looking to see what’s trending in the Major League Soccer space. 

How has your Medill training helped you in your career?

Medill taught me to never be afraid to put myself out there and don’t be afraid to push the envelope a little bit. I think the best thing Medill teaches is to ask the questions you think no one will ask to uncover something much bigger than what’s on the surface. Now, at D.C. United, I ask, “What is something we could do that’s eye-opening and brow-raising for our fans? How can we start a trend in this league culturally and not only be a top sports team, but be a top sports organization overall?”

What advice do you have for someone considering Medill?

If you’re considering Medill, you’re on the right track to greatness because you’re considering attending the best journalism school in the country. Not too many places can offer legit hands-on training and experience like Medill will. The other piece of advice is when you arrive at Medill, don’t just network up but also network with the person sitting next to you. They aren’t just your competition, they could be someone that you’ll need to contact when you enter the job force. Once you’re a Medill Wildcat, the doors fly open for you. The people that you are able to connect with is unbelievable. Even if they aren’t able to help you directly, they will know someone who is the key person for you to get in touch with. Lastly, if you’re considering to be a part of the Medill family, be ready to grind. You’re hitting the ground running right after orientation. Don’t be afraid to take a class in the media innovation or Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) programs. The more you know the better!