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Joe Musso

Joe Musso (MSJ15)

Anchor at CBS Sports HQ

Joe Musso

Joe Musso (MSJ15) says that his interest in storytelling began as a child in his mother's basement hairstyling salon. Listening to her cast of clients talk about their lives taught him that everyone has a story to tell. You just have to ask good questions.

Now as an anchor at CBS Sports HQ, Musso brings that passion for storytelling to the world of sports. He credits Medill for his career success.

Tell us about your career path.

I was an intern at Comcast SportsNet Chicago (now NBC Sports Chicago). After finishing my undergrad degree, I served as a production assistant and as an associate producer, learning everything I could about line production and falling in love with the energy of a newsroom.

Emboldened by the amazing talent at CSN I decided to move to the on-air side. Sure of my vision, but wary of my skillset, I sought out the best training possible and applied to the journalism master's program at Medill.

After Medill, I took a job as a weekend morning anchor and general assignment reporter in Lincoln, Nebraska, eventually moving on to a full-time sports reporting position.

After Lincoln, I headed west to CBS Sacramento to launch CBS Sports Sacramento, now at the top of the ratings in the market. From there I landed my dream job, studio anchoring for CBS Sports HQ.

What are your main responsibilities at CBS Sports HQ?

My main responsibilities include hosting our nightly recap show which includes athlete and analyst talkbacks and highlights, and pre and post-game shows for major matchups. We stream 24 hours a day at and on the CBS Sports App. Some days I'm on the desk for five hours straight, others we ease our way into a traditional 10 p.m. to end of night recap show. The spontaneous nature of breaking news in the sports world forces you onto your toes from the second you walk in the door, which is an energy I feed off of.

How has your Medill training helped you in your career so far?

To try and put my Medill training into words always seems futile. It is the reason why I am here today. Just as important as the curriculum are the experiences of those presenting it to you. From candid conversations with faculty members Craig Duff and Craig LaMay to the infectious attitudes of Charles Whitaker and Candy Lee to the willingness of Caryn Ward to hear our voices, the list is unending but the point is simple: When you come to Medill you learn from and among the benchmarks of our discipline.

How has your Medill degree helped you advance your career?

My Medill master's degree has been a true catalyst to the hard work I've put forth. Having Medill next to your name will move your resume to the top of the pile and ensure that you're not overlooked in the pool of talented applicants. The degree carries weight because those fortunate enough to have the Medill experience continue to elevate the network through their hard work and countless accomplishments.

What is a class or experience that sticks out in your mind and why?

The experience that stands out most in my time at Medill is my final one. My uber-talented cohort and I put together a pitch of our own for the capstone project. With enough student interest in the project, Caryn Ward offered to lead our merry band of broadcasters and just like that Medill made our final experience one tailored to our vision. Our final exam: sprawling coverage of the 2015 NFL Draft.

What advice do you have for someone considering Medill?

My advice to anyone considering any program at Medill is simple: ACT! Whatever your passion is, whatever your goals may be, they will be supported and nurtured at Medill. Being a native Chicagoan, Northwestern seemed unattainable -- it was Hogwarts with a lakefront view. But the day I decided to act, the day I decided to apply, my personal and professional paths were set for success. And, if you are unsure of your next step, there's no better place to figure it all out. Finally, when you do decide to come to Medill you will be asked time and again, "What's your dream job?" because that type of belief is alive on campus. When that inevitably happens, stand tall and set your course because dreams become goals at Medill.