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Meena Thiruvengadam (MSJ12)

Success Manager at, formerly with Bloomberg and Business Insider
Meena Thiruvengadam

What is your fondest memory of your time at Medill?

I loved walking along the lake on campus. I never expected to become the beach bum Medill made me. I'll also never forget the late night moment on Twitter that sparked my thesis project on the long-term social value of news archives. 

What was your greatest achievement or best experience as a Medill student?

My greatest achievement was finding a pathway to the next phase of my career. When I entered Medill, I thought I wanted to make documentaries. By the time I left, I realized my best talents lay elsewhere, specifically in audience development and acting as a bridge between newsrooms and their corporate counterparts. 

How has your Medill training helped you in your career so far? Are there skills or lessons you learned at Medill that you still use today?

Yes, I learned that coding wasn't for me, nor was one-man-band reporting. It's at Medill where I shifted into audience development, my specialty now. Without Medill, I'm not sure I would have taken this path, which has ultimately become one of my most rewarding experiences in journalism. I also learned through my involvement with Kellogg that I can hold my own with some of the best MBA candidates in the world. 

How have you tapped into the Medill network in your career? 

I've gotten several interviews and job offers that stem from conversations started among alumni. I've also found an icebreaker. "I went to Medill too," is enough to start any conversation. I've also made lifelong friends and professional contacts through Medill. 

Meena Thiruvengadam