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“The Daily Show” Host Trevor Noah speaks at Northwestern Medill

Medill alumnus John Eligon of The New York Times interviewed Noah about race and identity

We partnered with The New York Times to host Trevor Noah, comedian and host of the “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, on Oct. 15. View a photo recap of the event below.

A flyer for the event is posted outside of Cahn Auditorium
The event was held at Northwestern’s Cahn Auditorium. 

Students line up outside of Cahn Auditorium to see the Trevor Noah event with Medill
Excited students lined up to see the event. 
Students hold up giveaway items they received from Medill and The New York Times such as buttons and stickers
Students received stickers, buttons and other giveaway items from Medill and The New York Times.
Trevor Noah speaks on stage with Medill alumnus John Eligon
Medill alumnus John Eligon (BSJ04) interviewed Noah (right) on the topic of “Race and Identity in America Now.”
Medill alumnus John Eligon asks Trevor Noah a question on stage
Eligon is a national correspondent for The New York Times. He is based in Kansas City and covers race.
Photo taken of the crowd and full seats filled with students in Cahn Auditorium
About 1,000 students attended and filled Cahn Auditorium. The event was also live-streamed to college campuses across the country.
John Eligon holds a microphone and speaks to a crowd of students who stayed after the event to ask him questions
Following the event, Eligon held a Q&A session with students, most of whom were from Medill. They asked questions about his interview with Trevor Noah, his job at The New York Times, and his experience as a Northwestern and Medill alumnus.