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Hannah Levitt (MSJ17)

Finance Reporter at Bloomberg


When Hannah Levitt (MSJ17) visited Tokyo, a hotbed of technology and business, with Medill, seeing the Bloomberg News bureau was the highlight of her trip. Now, she works for Bloomberg in New York covering business and finance every day. 

Levitt credits Medill with showing her the opportunities that exist around the world for reporters interested in business and economics, and for launching her career in this field.

What brought you to Medill?

The intense focus of Medill's business journalism specialization really appealed to me. I was looking for a program that would help me build on my undergraduate degree in international studies to pursue a career covering global business and economics, and Medill provided exactly that through the business specialization and other programs like Medill Explores.

Tell us about your Medill course in Tokyo.

Tokyo was amazing! Definitely atop my list of favorite cities and I am grateful for the opportunity to go there through Medill Explores. In the business specialization we learned a lot about the U.S. financial system, and when we went to Japan we got to learn about the Japanese financial system as well. We visited the Bank of Japan, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Japan External Trade Organization and various businesses around Tokyo. We also managed to squeeze in great meals and a visit to a sake brewery. It was a ton of fun to go on that trip with my classmates and professor who I had gotten so close with throughout the program.

How has our alumni network played into your career?

Medill's alumni network has been a great resource for me as I have moved to different cities and started a career in journalism. When I got started at Bloomberg, one of the first things I did was reach out to other reporters here who were also Medill alumni in order to meet with them and learn more about how they got to where they are today.

How do you use what you learned in Medill in what you do now at Bloomberg?

In so many ways! One thing that was really helpful was learning how to write different types of stories, such as earnings stories, features and profiles. My business reporting classes at Medill taught me how to come up with good story ideas and creative ways to make a story about numbers interesting. I also learned the more technical aspects of covering a company or a market -- like digging through legal dockets and regulatory filings. Having experience delving into a topic or company from a variety of angles is useful every day as I think about how I can best cover my beat.

Another huge lesson from Medill that I will use throughout my career is persistence in chasing a story. Sometimes the hardest part is getting someone on the phone or having the energy to even make that last phone call, but it is the most rewarding feeling to succeed after forcing yourself to keep going.