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Students interview and film in the American Southwest

Medill Explores

Through Medill Explores, you can go on a variety of learning adventures during a week-long suspension of classes in the winter quarter.

You choose among classes, many of which include domestic or international, led by faculty and staff. Many are tied to specializations, providing an even deeper dive into these subject areas in a new location.

Through Medill Explores experiences, you are immersed in journalism, media, innovation and more throughout the world. You experience first-hand a new area and culture, meet new people and deepen your understanding of what it means to be a journalist in a global context.

Network with local experts and alumni

These classes provide important connections within subjects that are of interest to you. In addition to meeting with local experts in journalism and media, Medill alumni in most locations meet and network with you and provide important advice about jobs and professional development.

Recent classes

We’re always seeking to provide new opportunities and experiences for our students, so Medill Explores trips change from year-to-year. Here is an overview of the classes and locations offered last year.

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Johannesburg, South Africa

Global Reporting in South Africa
Students learned how to report on issues such as gentrification, widespread poverty and slums, discrimination, sanitation and more - assessing the realities of Johannesburg against the rights promised in its constitution.

View student work from South Africa

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Tokyo, Japan

International Business Reporting in Japan
Students learned about emerging technologies in changing economies, and experienced first-hand the impact of the robotics industry on Japan’s economy.

View student work from Tokyo

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Bodega Bay, California

Environmental Fieldwork in California
For students keen on entering the world of science writing, this experience allowed them to delve into Bodega’s Marine Laboratory and learn from the researchers and scientists working there.

View student work from Bodega Bay

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Puerto Rico

Medill Explores Puerto Rico: After the Storm
Students in this course explored the challenges in covering a post-crisis zone while forming a deeper understanding of the economic and political issues in Puerto Rico.

View student work from Puerto Rico

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Pyeongchang, South Korea

Medill Explores Winter Olympics

Students gained experience in event reporting while covering the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, learning to look at the international event from a social, political and cultural perspective beyond covering sports.

View student work from the Winter Olympics

Column 2


Havana, Cuba

Race, Gender and National Identity in Cuba

Students gained experience reporting abroad while seeing first-hand the economic and political changes in Cuba through the lens of race, gender and national identity.

View student work from Cuba

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American Southwest

Medill Explores Indigenous Nations of the American Southwest

Students gained intercultural knowledge and competence by learning to understand how tribal sovereignty and treaty rights inform contemporary environmental issues.

View student work from the American Southwest

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Los Angeles, California

Medill Explores NBA All-Star

Students learned reporting strategies for event coverage first-hand as they headed to Los Angeles to report on issues leading up to the 67th annual NBA All-Star game.

View student work from the All-Star Weekend

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Stuttgart, Paris and Brussels

Medill Explores Geopolitics in the Trump Era

Students in this course learned what it takes to be a foreign correspondent - expanding their knowledge of national security and political issues regarding Europe and Russia - while visiting Stuttgart, Paris and Brussels.

View student work from Europe

Column 2


Orlando, Florida

Medill Explores Orlando Sports

In this course, students gained real world experience working behind the scenes of a national sports network, deepening their understanding of broadcast and sports reporting.