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Students interviewing people at a political rally

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medill looking for in applicants for the Medill Investigative Programs specialization?

Are you passionate about investigation and finding the truth? Are you willing to research and dig deeply to find answers, even when it seems impossible? If so, then the Medill Investigative Programs are for you.

What’s the difference between the Medill Investigative Lab and the Medill Investigative Program Chicago?

Both the Medill Investigative Lab and the Medill Investigative Program Chicago will teach you the critical skills you need to become an investigative reporter, and both specializations offer you the chance to have your work published and get clips that will help you launch your career. Both programs start in Chicago in the summer. The difference is that in the Medill Investigative Lab, you will spend you winter and spring quarters in Washington, D.C. Students in the Medill Investigative Program Chicago spend all four quarters in Chicago. Whether you want to go to D.C. or stay in Chicago may depend on where you want to go in your career.

What if I have no background in investigative journalism?

No matter if your undergraduate degree was in a related subject or in something different, if you are committed to pursuing investigative journalism, you will succeed in the Medill Investigative Programs. Our seasoned faculty will work alongside you as you undertake investigations.

What career opportunities will be available when I graduate?

Opportunities abound for journalists drawn to investigative journalism, and you’ll head into your job search with a foundation and solid news clips that other new graduates might not have. Medill’s far-reaching alumni network is filled with like-minded journalists who can provide job leads, advice and encouragement. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to make lasting connections during your time in the program.