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Medill student covering the NFL Draft

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medill looking for in applicants for the sports specialization?

Are you an avid sports fan who can’t get enough information about your team? Do you recognize nuances in coverage among professional sports journalists? Would covering sports from the best seat in the house be your dream job? If so, this is the specialization for you.

What if I have no background in sports writing?

Whether you were a varsity or college athlete, an enthusiastic spectator or just like sports, you don’t need a background in sports writing to pursue this specialization. You do need to be interested in professional or college-level sports of some kinds and have the determination to dig deeper beyond game coverage. At Medill, you’ll start with a foundation in reporting and learn how to uncover and produce relevant and engaging sports content for different audiences.

What career opportunities will be available when I graduate?

The need is great for writers and visual journalists who can produce multimedia pieces that advance sports stories beyond the game. Opportunities with digital native organizations and niche publications have expanded recently, and sports teams and leagues themselves produce brand journalism on par with professional mainstream coverage. We'll prepare you to work at a professional level and then connect you with Medill’s vast network of sports journalists which spans ESPN, Sports Illustrated and other heavy hitters, along with top niche organizations.