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Student in front of camera reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medill looking for in applicants for the specialization?

Are you a news junkie? Are you fascinated by the way video puts viewers in the midst of the action unlike any other medium? Are you a storyteller with an eye toward visually compelling content? If so, you’re the perfect candidate for the Video and Broadcast specialization.

What if I have no background in video or broadcast?

You will learn the fundamentals of video and broadcast journalism during your first quarter, and every quarter will build upon your knowledge, ending with a capstone project that demonstrates your mastery of this specialization. You will use the latest equipment in our new downtown Chicago studio space. Experienced faculty will work alongside you as you hone your skills and gain experience. This specialization is truly an immersive experience, so even if your undergraduate degree is in communications, economics, mathematics, engineering or any other discipline, if you have a passion for video and broadcast and a desire to learn, you will succeed.

What career opportunities will be available when I graduate?

You can choose to prepare for a traditional broadcast journalist position or your can consider video reporting or editing positions. We often place alumni in traditional reporting jobs in small- to mid-market TV stations and affiliates in addition to entry-level positions at Fox News, NPR and other news organizations that have beefed up their video presence, particularly online-only videos. In addition, digital publications and other media outlets, Fortune 500 companies and even nonprofits are producing and distributing branded content today more than ever before. They’re looking for job applicants with solid video experience. You will be able to take advantage of the strong, supportive Medill network during your job search.