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Medill High School Journalism Programs

Medill High School Journalism Day

In the fall, Medill offers high school students and journalism advisers in the Chicago area an opportunity to visit us for a day of workshops. For information about this event, please contact Sara Brazeal.

Medill High School Journalism Live 

We offer Medill High School Journalism Live, free virtual workshops to introduce high school students to the exciting world of journalism and media. 

Our goal is to educate and inspire future journalists. Students get a glimpse of how far a career in journalism can take them while learning practical information on different skills and techniques. The workshops also help students see first-hand what it’s like to be a college student studying journalism.

Each workshop features expert Medill faculty.

Workshops and panel discussion recordings

Sports commentator watches soccer game from the sidelines

Sports Journalism

The Best of the Best: Identifying what makes the top sports reporters and analysts so great at what they do.

Taught byJ.A. Adande

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A person holds a cell phone while also working on a laptop computer.

Storytelling on Your Smart Device

Learn the basics of creating a professional video story using your smart device.

Taught by: Caryn Ward

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A panel of journalists answering questions

Professional Journalist Panel

Get tips and tricks from Medill alumni for in-person and remote reporting.

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A student stands at a lectern while wearing a cap and gown

Medill Student Panel

Hear what it's like to be a college journalism and a Medill student.

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A camera in the foreground points toward a baseball field in the background

Mastering Sports Reporting

What does it take to make your living in sports media? The fundamentals of sports reporting and writing will be broken down as you learn some basics of the craft.

Taught by: Melissa Isaacson

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A person holds a video camera with the Facebook Live logo on the side of it.

Social Media Videos

What goes into making some of the video pieces you see on social media by outfits like AJ+, Buzzfeed and Now This? Learn who the major players in this news genre are and how they tell stories specifically tailored to be viewed on mobile devices.

Taught byArionne Nettles

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