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Immersion Quarter

Do you have a marketing challenge you’re trying to solve but haven’t had the time or resources to commit to it? Are you looking for creative and fresh solutions to this challenge? If so, consider sponsoring an Immersion Quarter project. During the 10-week summer quarter, you will have a team of IMC Full-Time master’s students dedicated to your project and challenge.

Immersion Quarter is a core course that combines classroom learning with onsite immersion. In addition to the benefits for companies, this opportunity provides a great learning opportunity for students.

Our students come from all over the world and bring their unique experiences and perspectives to the projects. After three quarters of intense classroom learning, our students are ready to apply what they are learning, along with their passion, energy and innovative ideas, to work their hardest to solve significant problems.

In addition to the project work, students participate in a Leadership Strategies Program. This program refines those skills required to make projects more successful. Throughout the quarter, we conduct formal on-campus strategic checkpoints where faculty and students work together to move the project plan forward to meet the goals sponsors have set.

Immersion Quarter 2020

The Immersion Quarter program in the summer of 2020 provided unique challenges and opportunities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sponsors and students pivoted to a remote format. We were proud of the way our student excelled in this format to meet and exceed the expectations of the companies they worked for. Watch this video to learn more about the experience:


Mary Lou Song (BSJ91)
"We always start the summer focused on what we should teach the IMC students. But by the end of the summer, the IMC team is teaching us something about our customers that we wouldn’t have known without them. That is incredibly valuable and incredibly unique. No other program can offer a team like that."Mary Lou Song (BSJ91)

Executive Chairman, FuelX

Recent student team accomplishments

  • Developed a go-to market plan for the worldwide launch of two new products for the leading CRM software firm
  • Designed a comprehensive social media and brand activation plan to reach and position the leading internet hardware manufacturer as a thought leader on emerging technologies
  • Created a vision and plan looking forward three to five years and in-store ideas using emerging technologies to redefine the shopper experience for the world’s largest QSR company in partnership with its agency
  • Developed a strategic plan, including digital and event marketing ideas, to grow revenue through fundraising for a national public radio station
  • Analyzed the competitive landscape and customer attitudes and beliefs to develop a global omni-channel pricing strategy for a leading manufacturer of tech products
  • Worked from data to insights and ideas to position and better communicate the compelling and numerous customer benefits of a major credit offering
  • Delivered an immediately implementable strategic plan designed to focus resources on the best potential customer segments and drive high quality leads
  • Created an actionable integrated marketing plan, including a market size analysis, for a top global pharmaceutical company
  • Assessed the efficiency of the digital media plan and budget levels, as well as marketing technologies, to reduce media spending by 20 percent while maintaining effectiveness for an insurance company


To learn more or sign up to participate, please contact Director of Immersion Quarter Gerry Chiaro.