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Data Governance: Critical Issues in Digital Marketing Communications

(Elective Course)

Data Governance will focus on data privacy and security - potentially the biggest “data” issues that marketing, media and communications professionals will face over the course of their careers. As such, the class will address the rapid move of companies toward digital marketing and communications efforts, and the coming world of connected devices in the Internet of Things. As improper use or inadequate protection of the data can result in civil or even criminal penalties to both companies and executives, it is imperative that marketing professionals understand the technology that underlies the digital data landscape, and further understand the legal and regulatory environment within which they are operating when using the data for marketing and other business purposes. 

The first half of the course will focus on the data ecosystem and privacy. Here, the class will explore the technology underlying data tracking, collection, aggregation and use.  Further, the course will examine data brokers/aggregators and their role in the communications development chain. Finally, the course will cover the legal and regulatory perspective toward the industry’s privacy-related behavior and practices in the development of marketing communications. 

The second half of the course will focus on data security. Given the number of continuing breaches, many at large, high profile companies, the class will look at statutes and regulations covering data security within a number of industries, and those that might be most relevant to media organizations. The course will wrap up with a look at professional opportunities in the emerging privacy “industry,” and at industry certification for those who might be interested.