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Introduction to MarTech

(Elective Course)

Marketers have access to hundreds of vendors offering diverse technology applications such as campaign management, marketing resource management, marketing analytics and content marketing. 

“Introduction to MarTech” introduces students to the opportunities and challenges of using these marketing technologies. The opportunities range from targeting the right audiences to personalizing messaging to leveraging new digital technologies to effectively managing complex multi-channel marketing campaigns.  The challenges include the gap between how marketers think of their problems and how technology providers describe their solutions and then selecting the best solutions.

Students will learn how marketing executives decide which technologies are right for addressing their marketing problems. This course is meant to be introductory in nature, but should be useful for students who may work with a subset of marketing technologies, but feel like their knowledge is primarily operational and/or focused on very specific technology applications. The course will equip students to ask insightful questions and have informed discussions with marketing and IT colleagues and vendors. Specific components of the course include the marketing technology landscape, the marketing technology stack, marketing technology competencies that matter, and the future of marketing technologies.