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Sofia Kuta (IMC19)

Marketing Coordinator at Grubhub
Sofia Kuta

Sofia Kuta (IMC19) is delivering the art and science of marketing in her position at GrubHub, the popular food delivery service. As a coordinator on the customer relationship management operations team, she implements both data-driven strategies and creative solutions to enhance Grubhub’s connections with the public. It’s a position she landed immediately after she completed her IMC degree at Northwestern Medill. She said her Medill education and the alumni network helped her understand her place in the marketing world. 

Tell us about your career path.  

I started my career working as an intern at Braze (formerly Appboy), a customer engagement platform that enables brands to send highly personalized, multi-channel messaging to their customers. I learned the importance of personalization and authenticity when it comes to building meaningful relationships between brands and their customers. The following summer, between graduating from Northwestern undergrad and starting Medill IMC, I returned to Braze as a Customer Engagement and Product Marketing Intern. In that role, I was focused more on defining best messaging practices and revamping the company’s customer story repository.  

Toward the end of my time in Medill IMC, I started the job hunt and came across some job openings at Grubhub. Coincidentally, Grubhub uses Braze to execute its messaging campaigns and just so happened to have an entry-level opening on the team that executes the company’s messaging on Braze. It was a perfect match, which leads me to where I am today.  

What are your main responsibilities as a marketing coordinator at Grubhub? 

I am part of the Customer Relationship Management Operations team, which is responsible for building out and deploying all of Grubhub’s messaging. Any email, push notification, or in-app message a customer receives, my team has formatted the HTML behind it and has subsequently sent it out via Braze. As a marketing coordinator, I am primarily in charge of calendar management and weekly metric reporting, as well as optimizing the process through which stakeholders request to launch messaging campaigns with our team. In improving this process, I am able to better keep track of all campaigns and available resources to ultimately increase my team’s efficiency and workflow.  

How do you apply the IMC way of thinking that uses both art and science in your job? 

Grubhub as a company places an emphasis on being rigorously data-driven. Everything is strategically tested and backed by numbers in order to ensure optimal performance. While this is practiced widely throughout the company, my team specifically works directly with a team of data scientists to test and deploy different variations of messages to determine the most effective way for Grubhub to continue building its relationship with not only its diners, but also its drivers and restaurants. From these tests, my team then gathers learnings that fuel the creativity that goes into planning the next campaign.  

What is a class or experience that sticks out in your mind and why? 

My absolute all-time favorite class I’ve ever taken is Brand Strategy Foundations taught by Jim Lecinski. This course was an effective introduction to elementary brand strategy concepts through theory and practice. Most notably, at the end of the course our final project was to create our own direct-to-consumer brand from the ground up, a process I greatly enjoyed. Consequently, this class made me realize my interest in pursuing brand strategy in the future, as it combines both my love for relationship-building and creativity with the data-driven mindset I have developed.  

How did the Medill IMC and Northwestern networks help you in your job search? 

The Medill IMC and greater Northwestern networks helped me connect with alumni from all across the country that provided me with great insight into various companies as well as gain more information on potential career paths within the world of marketing.  

What advice would you give to someone considering Medill IMC? 

Even if you are the slightest bit interested in pursuing marketing, do it. If anything, you will learn not only through coursework, but more importantly from the array of perspectives that your international peers will provide. Ultimately, you’ll grow to be a more relationship-focused and strategic thinker, a quality that is valuable in any career path.