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Trienens Institute Scholarship

The Trienens Scholars program at Medill supports students committed to covering environmental stories with a focus on solutions, health and ecojustice. Trienens Scholars are selected for their academic excellence, their passion for covering social and sustainability issues, and their vision for the role of journalism on these issues. It is available to students in the graduate journalism Health, Environment and Science specialization.

The Trienens Scholarship provides support for dynamic reporting projects that students will follow locally, regionally and globally with a mission to:

  • Produce high-impact environmental stories through immersive field reporting,
  • Encourage further stories to engage hearts and minds in decision-making and action,
  • Publish stories to major media for wide audience engagement,
  • Promote continuous impact through career-focused environmental communicators.

Northwestern’s Paula M. Trienens Institute supports global sustainability and energy solutions through transformational research, interdisciplinary education and public engagement. Medill’s Trienens Scholars program advances into your generation the work of the late Paula M. Trienens, a1947 Medill graduate who took leadership roles at Northwestern and in environmental and science institutions with global impact.

MSJ students in the Health, Environment and Science specialization who commit to pursuing environmental reporting are automatically considered for the scholarship.