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Students with fun accessories posing for a photo in front of Medill banner at Wildcat Days.

Medill Undergraduate Ambassadors

Support Medill’s mission by serving on our dean’s advisory council and promoting Medill as an Undergraduate Ambassador.

Speaker at Wildcat Days talking on stage

Undergraduate Ambassadors speak to groups of prospective students to share their Medill experience.

The Medill Undergraduate Student Advisory Council (MUSAC) is a group of enthusiastic students who serve as liaisons to Medill’s academic and administrative leadership and act as Undergraduate Ambassadors by welcoming prospective students and their families to campus.

This dual role allows you the chance to collaborate with faculty, staff and fellow students and to be even more involved at Medill.

What MUSAC does

MUSAC meets regularly with Medill’s deans to offer the undergraduate student perspective and advise them on ways to make the Medill experience better for every student.

MUSAC also helps host and welcome prospective students and their families to Medill and offers tours of our facilities. Members represent Medill at high school journalism conferences.

Sample MUSAC initiatives

To make Medill even more welcoming, MUSAC created At Home with Medill, a program that invites new students to dinner at the home of a Medill faculty member. The size of the dinner party varies between five and 10, giving new students the opportunity to get to know Medill professors on a personal level and learn more about their experiences in the journalism industry.

The group also organizes the annual Medill Student Showcase, which spotlights the best student work from a variety of courses and sources to share with faculty, staff and other members of the Medill community. 

Geordan Tilley (BSJ18)
“I joined MUSAC in order to be a part of a community that loves Medill as much as I do and wants to keep it a place people love. It's important to me to be a part of something so dedicated to the future of this school.”Geordan Tilley (BSJ18)