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Whether you have a little journalism experience or a lot, our innovative curriculum for undergraduate journalism students allows you to solidify your writing and editing skills and explore your passions outside Medill.

Medill’s Bachelor of Science in Journalism is a STEM degree. Our CIP code is 09.0702.

Our curriculum comprises three components:

Core curriculum

Our core curriculum is designed to put all first-year students on the same page. We’ll teach you the Medill way of reporting, writing, editing and thinking critically through our core courses, which include:

Journalism in Practice

Journalism Residency

Media Law and Ethics

Multimedia Storytelling

Philosophy of Modern Journalism

Reporting and Writing

Outside concentration

In addition to those core classes, every student selects a concentration in a discipline outside Medill. Explore your passion for political science, history, economics, a foreign language, computer science and much more. You'll take a wide variety of courses to ensure a well-rounded education.

Journalism electives

Finally, we offer a wide variety of journalism electives. Choose the courses that will help you build expertise in the areas you are most passionate about. Below is a sample of current offerings:


The Googlization of America

Health and Science Reporting

International Journalism: South Africa

Introduction to Investigative Reporting

Journalism in a Networked World

Journalism of Empathy

Journalism Research Methods: Collecting and Analyzing Audience Data in the Digital News Age

Leadership Strategies

Media Design