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IMC Technology and Innovation Immersion

IMC Technology and Innovation Immersion

(Elective Course)

IMC Technology and Innovation Immersion is a highly immersive, integrated 3-unit course is the anchor for the IMC Tech & innovation experience. Taught by Bay Area experts across design thinking, product marketing and storytelling, students will work in teams to transform and take an idea to an innovation through a multi-step and highly iterative process throughout the entire development process over the fall term.

Students will have a midpoint design presentation, then a final presentation of their minimal viable product (MVP) and a compelling story of how this innovation solves a real customer pain point, how it aligns with the company’s objectives, and what unique ways it will be brought into the market. Other course assignments may include: discussion forums, in-person events, reflection papers, social media content creation, status reports, papers, or in-class assignments.

Students will start the course working to identify an idea, develop an innovation that will solve a specific customer problem, then follow a using design thinking and the human-centered design process to iterate on the idea and mold it into true innovation. Students will learn how to create compelling new offerings and experiences that connect deeply with human needs. Student teams will use creative tools and methods to drive innovation and apply a designer’s mindset to a marketable product/service that will address the critical needs of a specific audience.

Concurrently, student teams will also work on the positioning and initial go-to-market strategy for the innovation. Teams will learn about achieving “product-market fit” through a series of iterations that narrow a solution down to its most critical components to get audience buy-in, develop and articulate a product-market fit, requiring students to deeply understand the customer and clearly articulate the value of the design project. Teams will collaborate to develop an effective end-to-end product marketing strategy, for the product, and create a powerful, evocative narrative – supported by deep consumer insights and data – that will persuasively communicate the concept externally with customers and internally with key stakeholders.

Throughout the quarter, students will become deeply immersed in the Bay Area start-up culture through weekly company visits, panels, and/or attending TechCrunch Disrupt 2022. Students will come to understand the high-risk, high-reward ecosystem of the Bay Area – from early-stage start-ups to innovative big tech companies. The quarter will culminate in a final product pitch to an audience that will provide feedback to the team.