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Nicole Miao (IMC19)

Attribution Data Analyst at Havas Edge
Nicole Miao headshot

Nicole Miao (IMC19) has always had a knack for the creative and technical aspects of marketing. After graduating from Penn State with a double major in advertising and information sciences and technology, she decided to further develop her skillset in the art and science of marketing by pursuing a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from Northwestern Medill.

Upon graduation, she accepted a full-time job with Havas Edge, one of the largest marketing agencies in the world. She landed the role after working there during IMC’s Immersion Quarter. As an attribution data analyst, she often integrates statistical techniques with a creative vision for the consumer.

What are your main responsibilities as an attribution data analyst at Havas Edge?

I am responsible for running attribution analysis for clients weekly, and I will also receive some ad-hoc data analysis projects from clients from time to time. I help clients understand what channels and sources they can attribute their marketing results to. This helps provide them with business insights that they can use to drive improved campaign performance. Every day is different and challenging.

How did the Medill IMC program prepare you for your job?

The Medill IMC program definitely led me to understand more in-depth about data analysis and machine learning, which plays a huge role in my position right now. I chose the Consumer Insight and Analytics and Media sequences at Medill and wanted to become a business analyst/data analyst for my first position, which I did.

How do you apply the IMC way of thinking that uses both art and science in your job?

I work with data every day, but I also try to not only look at the numbers but to think from the consumer perspective—What does the customer journey look like for this product? What is the consumer profile for this brand? Etc. Trying out different creative and scientific angles can help me more accurately interpret the problems that businesses have and provide actionable insights.

What did you do during Immersion Quarter and what was your key takeaway?

I designed my own internship for the Immersion Quarter. I landed a summer internship at Havas New York as a paid search analyst. Havas, as a well-known agency, is a huge platform with a lot of growth opportunities. During my time at Havas, I was able to work cross-functionally on different projects and to learn the landscape of multiple industries. 

What is a class or experience that sticks out in your mind and why?

I really appreciated Professor Ed Malthouse’s class for machine learning as well as the Spiegel Research Center project experience. Both of these combined provided me with useful business insights and an analytical mindset.

What advice would you give to someone considering Medill IMC?

I would tell you that Medill is an unforgettable experience. It taught me to go above and beyond and to unfold opportunities around me.