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For Employers

Hiring Medill students and alumni

Medill has a wealth of talented students and alumni in journalism and integrated marketing communications.

Employers of our graduates tell us that Medill provides students with required training and skills that distinguish them on the job. Our students and alumni are problem-solving, solution-oriented assets for you and your company.

Full-time positions

Employers can post jobs for students and alumni on Handshake, Medill’s proprietary job board. You will be prompted to create a login if you don’t already have one.

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Northwestern is on a 10-week quarter system. Fall quarter begins late September, winter quarter the first week in January and spring quarter in late March. Your posting will have the most visibility for current students when school is in session (i.e., not during holiday/summer breaks).


Medill undergraduate journalism and IMC Certificate students are prepared and eager to take on the challenges of both part-time or full-time internship opportunities.

You can post internships for students on Handshake, Medill’s proprietary job board. 

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Student work opportunities

Journalism Residency
You have the opportunity to have a bright, talented undergraduate Medill student work at your organization for 10 weeks and help that student gain real-world experience in return.

Learn more about the Journalism Residency

Global Residency
Have a graduate journalism student work at your news organization in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania or the Americas for 10-12 weeks. During the Medill Global Residency program, students will complete a range of assignments similar in quality and quantity to those of an entry-level professional staff member.

Learn more about the Global Residency

Immersion Quarter
Do you have a marketing challenge you’re trying to solve but haven’t had the time or resources to commit to it? Are you looking for creative and fresh solutions to this challenge? If so, consider sponsoring an Immersion Quarter project. During the 10-week summer quarter, you will have a team of IMC full-time master’s students dedicated to your project and challenge.

Learn more about the Immersion Quarter

On-campus recruiting

Thank you for your interest in recruiting. Medill has a wealth of talented students and alumni and we are thrilled that you are interested in hiring them. Employers of our graduates tell us Medill provides excellent training for story tellers, innovative communicators, data-driven marketers and skilled writers. Our students and alumni bring value to their employers whether working in journalism, marketing, media, advertising, product management, communications or many other fields. Our graduates are prepared to do this work.

Our approach: Because of COVID-19 limitations, our preference for recruitment is to leverage virtual platforms; however, we are open to discussing an in-person or hybrid option if we can prioritize the health of students, employers and staff.

On-campus Recruitment Options

Info Session + 1:1 Interviews
An informational session followed by individual conversations between employers and students. Info sessions are typically open to all students and the individual conversations are open to students who are graduating soon. One-on-one conversations are sometimes tied to open positions but not always. One-on-one conversations range between 20-30 minutes with a built in a break every three interviews.

Coffee Chats/Lunch & Learns
Large group informational session and networking opportunity. This informal opportunity can also occur with a meal or refreshments provided for students by the employer.

Site Visit
Local visit to a company/ organization in the Chicagoland area with students and career advisers. With the site visit, there is an option to add in a marketing challenge where students in the program will work together in smaller groups on either a mock project or a real marketing campaign/project for the company.

Educational Workshops
Opportunity for a professional/company to present to students in a specific program related to industry specific career development. Ideal for employers who do not currently have any openings, but would like to interact with Medill students.

Networking Events
Organized networking event with individual employer or multiple employers in similar industries to interact with Medill students earlier in their time in the program.

Individual interviews with Medill students. Can either be a formal interview for a specific role or a conversation to network and get to know individual students.

Northwestern Career Services Anti-Discrimination Statement

You may view the Northwestern Career Services Anti-Discrimination Statement on the Northwestern University website. 

Contact us

To schedule a conversation to discuss the logistics of an on-campus recruitment event, please contact the Medill Dean’s Office at 847-491-5439.