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Rachel Hammons (IMC15)

Marketing Specialist, Brand Expression at FedEx
Rachel Hammons

What is your current job? What attracted you to it?

I am a brand specialist for FedEx. I spent my first year and a half at the company as a social media specialist and then had the opportunity to begin working with the brand team. Currently I am the brand lead for all our global advertising efforts. I work with our advertising teams and consult on creative to help our ads reflect, promote and protect the brand. I also serve as our brand voice strategist to ensure all FedEx content sounds like it’s coming from a singular voice.

I was attracted to this job because it allowed me to get a larger picture of our business, which is expansive and complex. I now have a view into all the content the organization is producing. Helping big ideas come to life and witnessing how they help our brand create deep relationships with our audiences is extremely rewarding.

How did IMC prepare you for this position?

I use many IMC principles every day in my position, such as putting the customer first. I consult on creative strategies and executions using a customer-centered lens. Working with diverse teams is another great opportunity Medill gave me, as I work with many cross-functional global teams now.  

Is there a class that you often refer to in your work?

I use many of the skills I learned from the communications and content classes I took at Medill. Through those classes, I gained valuable skills in writing and content strategy, which have helped me in all my roles at FedEx.

How did Medill faculty influence you?

Nancy Hobor and Candy Lee were two of the professors who impacted me the most at Medill. Both women had amazing careers at Grainger, The Washington Post, United Airlines, Baxter and Morton, just to name a few. Their wisdom from years in the industry as experts taught me much more than a textbook ever could. Jenna Massey also mentored me as a student at Medill, and her constant care and attention to make sure I got the most out of my Medill experience was incredible.

What advice would you give you to a future IMC student?

Get to know all your professors and classmates – the depth of experience and relationships across the Medill community that you can tap into are wonderful. Learn from your classmates who have different skill sets and interests from yourself – you may discover new passions.