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Ridzky “Sandro” Novasandro (IMC17)

Consumer Apps Marketing Manager at Google Indonesia
Smriti Khanna

Why did you choose IMC?

Not only is the school well known for its data-driven, consumer-centric approach to marketing communications, but the program also includes a three-month consulting project at top companies in the U.S. Immersion Quarter was definitely one of the best learning experiences I had in Medill IMC.

What has been your career path?

Prior to starting my master’s at Medill, I was exposed to both the B2B and B2C side of marketing. I spent two years exploring a product marketing role at Microsoft Indonesia and three years in brand management at Danone Indonesia as well as Danone Waters UK & Ireland.

What was your career path after graduation?

I received a job offer after graduating and am currently a product marketing manager at Google Indonesia. As I advance to a more senior marketing managerial role, I want to delve deeper in the marketing field as it is not a monotonous career that involves doing the same thing every day. I specifically would like to work at a multinational corporation as I believe a rich working culture combined with global challenges will intensify my managerial senses.

How did IMC prepare you for life after Medill?

The whole faculty, as well as the Medill Career Services (MCS) team, were super helpful and attentive with my job search. MCS organized a robust set of workshops that assisted me in fine tuning my resume, practicing my interviewing skills as well as negotiating offers.

What activities did you participate in while at IMC?

I’m a teaching assistant for a faculty member and helped grade coursework for both graduate and undergrad students.

What influenced you at Medill and how?

The overall culture in Medill IMC influenced me—I loved the fast-paced lectures, the always-challenging professors and the diverse cohort. The countless team projects we worked on also allowed excellent peer learning opportunities.

What is one class that resonates with you today and how will you take it with you into the future?

One of the classes that resonates with me the most (and potentially my upcoming role) is Customer Experience Management taught by Jonathan Copulsky. The class focuses on understanding the process by which customers choose to adopt innovative ideas. Copulsky’s materials helped us understand what marketers can do to drive adoption and sustain customer engagement—critical knowledge to have in today’s world where innovations are paramount to the success of companies.

What advice would you give you to a future IMC student?

One of the challenges that marketers face in today’s complex marketing landscape is still relying too much on their gut feel. What top companies seek are those who understand both the art and science of marketing. Being data-driven is king, and Medill IMC has taught me just that.