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Content Marketing and Strategy: Brand and Business Growth

As customer expectations shift, technologies advance and the online marketplace becomes increasingly contested, one fundamental pillar of digital marketing remains: content, as always, is king. As a result, businesses, brands and marketers must develop tools and strategies to navigate this changing digital landscape and enhance their capacity to craft content that speaks to their customers’ needs.

In the six-week Content Marketing and Strategy online short course, you will learn to harness the power of a calculated content-marketing strategy to achieve business goals and carve out a competitive advantage. With guidance from leading experts, you will gain practical tools for effective content creation, digital innovation, visual storytelling and social media management, among others, while developing your critical thinking and innovation skills. You will also discover how best to define your marketing priorities and set out a content plan to help you meet them. Walk away with an enhanced understanding of how disruptive digital technologies affect today’s content strategies and how you can leverage these innovations to give your brand an edge.

Who Should Attend

This course will benefit anyone tasked with overseeing the positioning and promotion of their brand — whether in a personal capacity or for an entire company. Marketers, brand managers and strategists will learn how a sound content strategy can help their organization innovate effectively and gain a competitive advantage. Business executives and leaders will grow their strategic skill set to meet key objectives, enhance customer satisfaction and support bottom-line growth. All students will gain future-ready skills through several practical case studies and develop the tools to effectively build a brand through strategic content marketing and storytelling.

Key Benefits

  • Learn how strategic content creation can satisfy your customers and boost your organization’s bottom line. 
  • Develop a balanced content management plan that incorporates digital innovation, copywriting, social media and analytics.
  • Gain future-ready visual storytelling and presentation skills to communicate your unique brand narrative effectively.
  • Enhance your ability to build a personalized, measurable and creative content marketing strategy for your organization.
  • Earn an official certificate of completion as validation of your newfound content creation knowledge. 

Course Content

  • Module 1: Defining Content Strategy
  • Module 2: Keyword Analytics, Content Writing and Social Media
  • Module 3: Constructing Visual Narratives
  • Module 4: Becoming a Brand-Driven Storyteller
  • Module 5: Supporting Content Strategy Within a Business
  • Module 6: Leveraging New Digital Technologies and Innovation

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Candy Lee

Candy Lee

Candy Lee


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