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Journalism students



Learn through real-world reporting on current issues.

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Executive Education

Executive Education

Gain cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills that enable you to make significant contributions to your organization and advance your professional goals.

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Integrated Marketing Communications students.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications

Create innovative marketing communications strategies to engage consumers in the digital age.

Discover IMC
Students throwing their graduation hats in the air.Students throwing their graduation hats in the air.
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Real-World Experiences And Global Perspectives

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Knight Lab

Explore how technology changes the way we report, consume and share news and information. Work with a team to develop new technology tools for journalists.

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Medill Investigative Programs

Work side-by-side with veteran journalists on investigations of national importance.

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Immersion Quarter

Work with a team of IMC students at a top company for 10 weeks during Immersion Quarter. You will tackle a company’s current marketing communications challenges and provide solutions that make a lasting difference.

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George R. R. Martin giving a lecture to students.

Guest Speakers

We offer access to an unmatched array of guest speakers These speakers share their expertise and network with Medill students while visiting campus.

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Journalism Residency

Work full time as reporter or public relations specialist at a media outlet or agency in locations around the world.

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Pulitzer Center and Medill Post-Graduate Reporting Fellowship

Put your reporting skills to work right away after graduation through Medill’s partnership with the Pulitzer Center on post-graduate reporting fellowships.

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Medill Explores

Through Medill Explores, graduate journalism students have access to a variety of week-long learning and reporting adventures, many of which include domestic or international travel.

Learn more about Medill Explores
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Medill Fridays

On Fridays throughout your first quarter, graduate journalism students hear from industry expert visitors, attend workshops to learn about specific topics and connect with their fellow Medill students in an informal setting.

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Student Committees

In IMC, you have many ways to get involved outside of the classroom by joining and leading student committees. The topics vary and cover a wide variety of interests in marketing communications.

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Fisk Hall.


Base your Medill studies on Northwestern’s Evanston campus on the shores of Lake Michigan just north of Chicago. Here, you can pursue an undergraduate degree in journalism or our Full-Time Integrated Marketing Communications Master's degree.

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Our downtown space, located on Upper Wacker with stellar views of the Chicago River, Lake Michigan and Navy Pier, is a hub for both graduate journalism and IMC Professional students for class work, group meetings and connecting with alumni and media professionals.

Explore Chicago
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Washington, D.C.

Since 1966, Medill has operated a newsroom in the nation’s capital, allowing students to gain hands-on experience while reporting from Capitol Hill.

Explore Washington, D.C.
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San Francisco

Medill’s newest campus location gives Medill students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Bay Area’s high-tech, entrepreneurial culture and prepare for the future of digital media.

Explore San Francisco
Sign reading Northwestern University in Qatar.


Operating within Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q), Medill offers undergraduate journalism courses as well as semester-long residency opportunities from this Middle East campus.

Explore Qatar
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Earn your IMC degree anywhere thanks to Medill’s IMC Professional Master’s program. Or supplement your Medill learning by accessing the school’s Open Online Courses.

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Industry Leading Research

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Medill Local News Initiative

The Medill Local News Initiative is an innovative research and development project aimed at providing greater understanding of how digital audiences engage with local news and finding new approaches to bolster local news business models.

Explore Medill Local News Initiative
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Spiegel Research Center

Medill Spiegel Research Center conducts evidence-based, data-driven analysis to prove the relationship between customer engagement and purchase behavior in social media, mobile devices, customer reviews and more.

Explore Spiegel Research Center
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Intent Lab

Intent Lab is a research unit created by Medill IMC and Performics. Its purpose is to find new ways to strengthen brands through understanding how consumer decisions are made and how brand engagement can be improved.

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The Medill Network

Mike Wilbon.
Melissa Grady Dias.
Peter Alexander.
Younghee Lee.
Brian Rosenthal.
Sheinelle Jones.
Tariq Hassan.
Mara Brok Akil.
George R. R. Martin.
Mike Wilbon.
Mike Wilbon (BSJ80)
Co-host of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption”
Melissa Grady Dias.
Melissa Grady Dias (IMC98)
CMO, Cadillac
Peter Alexander.
Peter Alexander (BSJ98)
White House correspondent and co-anchor of "Weekend Today" at NBC News
Younghee Lee.
Younghee Lee (MSA90)
Executive Vice President & Head of Global Marketing Center at Samsung Electronics
Brian Rosenthal.
Brian Rosenthal (BSJ11)
Pulitzer Prize Winner and Investigative reporter at The New York Times
Sheinelle Jones.
Sheinelle Jones (BSJ00)
News Anchor, NBC News
Tariq Hassan.
Tariq Hassan (IMC94)
Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, McDonald's
Mara Brok Akil.
Mara Brok Akil (BSJ92)
Writer, producer and creator of TV shows such as “Being Mary Jane,” “Girlfriends” and “The Game”
George R. R. Martin.
George R. R. Martin (BSJ70, MSJ71)
Author of “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels, adapted by HBO as “Game of Thrones”

Mike Wilbon (BSJ80)Co-host of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption”

"I was at the Washington Post at 21 years old. I’m not about to fool myself and think it was anything else other than the stamp of Medill that allowed that to happen. I went to work for Bob Woodward and Ben Bradlee and Don Graham at 21. They hired me because they knew I could do it, because I was at Medill."

Melissa Grady Dias (IMC98)CMO, Cadillac

"The IMC program was where I discovered my passion, and I was able to really learn new skills and hone my knowledge in a tangible way that was the foundation for my career moving forward."

Peter Alexander (BSJ98)White House correspondent and co-anchor of "Weekend Today" at NBC News

"Be prepared, read up, do the work. Medill graduates are the next generation of difference makers. The best piece of advice I can offer is just ask. The worst anyone can do is say no."

Younghee Lee (MSA90)Executive Vice President & Head of Global Marketing Center at Samsung Electronics

"Medill IMC helped me become a good leader. In the midst of a rapidly changing world where consumers are getting more segregated, respecting diversity and being open-minded are key to being a global leader, and I thank Medill for this."

Brian Rosenthal (BSJ11)Pulitzer Prize Winner and Investigative reporter at The New York Times

"If not for my time at Medill -- the education, the mentorship, the on-the-ground experience and so much more -- I would never be where I am today."

Sheinelle Jones (BSJ00)News Anchor, NBC News

"You may not know exactly what you want to do but think about the life that would be fulfilling for you and what would make you happy. It's not about competition, it's about you."

Tariq Hassan (IMC94) Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, McDonald's

"My purpose is about creating environments that allow people to create transformation and that have impact both to the business and to the community that they’re in.  Listen to your gut and be true to yourself."

Mara Brok Akil (BSJ92)Writer, producer and creator of TV shows such as “Being Mary Jane,” “Girlfriends” and “The Game”

"I think my desire to tell authentic stories has always been within me. It's part of my mission. My connection to Medill taught me how to find the truth of the story."

George R. R. Martin (BSJ70, MSJ71)Author of “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels, adapted by HBO as “Game of Thrones”

"Facts are the foundation on which all truths must rest. Unless you get your facts right, you have no hope of arriving at a truth. Society finds its heroes in its stories. Journalists can be heroes, have been heroes and I hope, will be heroes. It is a heroic thing to find the facts and tell the truth, especially when those truths are unpopular and inconvenient."

Charles Whitaker.
Beth Bennett.
Vijay Viswanathan.
Stephanie Edgerly.
Jeremy Gilbert.
Michelle Weinberger.
Debbie Cenziper.
Chris Benson.
Ashlee Humphreys.
Tim Franklin
Charles Whitaker.
Charles Whitaker
Dean and Professor
Beth Bennett.
Beth Bennett
Professor and Associate Dean of Journalism
Vijay Viswanathan.
Vijay Viswanathan
Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications and Associate Dean of IMC
Stephanie Edgerly.
Stephanie Edgerly
Associate Professor and Director of Research
Jeremy Gilbert.
Jeremy Gilbert
Knight Professor in Digital Media Strategy
Michelle Weinberger.
Michelle Weinberger
Associate Professor
Debbie Cenziper.
Debbie Cenziper
Associate Professor and Director of Medill Investigative Lab
Chris Benson.
Chris Benson
Associate Professor
Ashlee Humphreys.
Ashlee Humphreys
Associate Professor
Tim Franklin
Tim Franklin
Senior Associate Dean, Professor and John M. Mutz Chair in Local News

Charles WhitakerDean and Professor

Charles Whitaker is dean and professor at Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications. Whitaker, who holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Medill, is the first alumnus of the school to serve as dean. He previously served as the Helen Gurley Brown Professor and associate dean of journalism for the school. Since joining the Medill faculty in 1992, he has taught courses in news writing, magazine writing, magazine editing, and blogging.

Beth BennettProfessor and Associate Dean of Journalism

Beth Bennett is associate dean and professor of journalism at Medill. She is an award-winning producer and reporter with more than 15 years of experience in broadcast television news and video production. Her experience spans many areas of television news, including on-air reporting, studio/booth producing, and field producing. Since leaving the broadcast industry, she has worked in short-form video production and independent documentary film work.

Vijay ViswanathanHamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications and Associate Dean of IMC

Vijay Viswanathan is associate dean and Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani Professor of integrated marketing communications at Medill. His research focuses on consumer decision making, especially in the realm of branding, pricing, cross-media consumption and social influence. His research has important implications for the economic impact of managerial decisions related to brand architecture, loyalty programs, consumer engagement and omnichannel strategy.

Stephanie EdgerlyAssociate Professor and Director of Research

Stephanie Edgerly is an associate professor with a specialization in audience insight. She is also director of research at Medill. Her research explores how features of new media alter the way audiences consume news and impact political engagement. She is particularly interested in the mixing of news and entertainment content, how individuals and groups create and share news over social networking websites, and how audiences selectively consume media.

Jeremy GilbertKnight Professor in Digital Media Strategy

Jeremy Gilbert is the Knight Professor of Digital Media Strategy. Both his work and teaching focus on the content and revenue strategies of existing and emerging media companies. He explores the intersection of technology and media, examining how new tools and techniques will affect the creation, consumption and distribution of media.

Michelle WeinbergerAssociate Professor

Michelle Weinberger is an associate professor at Medill. She earned her Ph.D. in marketing with a minor in cultural sociology. Weinberger’s research takes a sociological approach to understanding consumers, stakeholders and marketplace actors. She studies socio-cultural aspects of consumption and the role of various forms of marketing communications in creating meaning for stakeholders.

Debbie CenziperAssociate Professor and Director of Medill Investigative Lab

Debbie Cenziper is an associate professor and the director of investigative reporting at Medill. She is also the graduate journalism Medill Investigative Lab Specialization leader. Besides teaching, Cenziper is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter and nonfiction author who writes for ProPublica.

Chris BensonAssociate Professor

Christopher Benson, a journalist and lawyer, is an associate professor of journalism. As a professional journalist, Benson has worked as Washington editor for Ebony magazine, city hall reporter in Chicago for WBMX-FM, and as a contributor for The Chicago Reporter, writing a weekly online column on justice, race and media issues. Additionally, he has contributed feature articles to Chicago, Savoy, and The Crisis magazines, and has contributed commentary to The Huffington Post, the Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Ashlee HumphreysAssociate Professor

Ashlee Humphreys is an associate professor at Medill. Trained as a sociologist, she examines core topics in consumer behavior and marketing strategy. Her research investigates the role of legal and cultural institutions in creating markets, the influence of language on consumer judgments of legitimacy, and the process of consumer co-creation.

Tim FranklinSenior Associate Dean, Professor and John M. Mutz Chair in Local News

Tim Franklin is senior associate dean, professor and John M. Mutz Chair in Local News. Before joining Medill in June 2017, Franklin was the president of The Poynter Institute, a leading international school for journalists and a media think tank. Franklin has been the top editor of three metropolitan newspapers, The Indianapolis Star, Orlando Sentinel and Baltimore Sun. His newsrooms won numerous national journalism awards.

Shaping The Future Since 1921

Medill continues its commitment to creating an inclusive environment and to providing equity in opportunities. We are dedicated to creating a socially just community by strengthening policies, developing programs and fostering acceptance.