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A student in the Accelerated Master’s Program poses for a photo in a hallway by balloons

Accelerated Master’s Program

You can earn both an undergraduate and graduate journalism degree at Medill in less than five years through our Accelerated Master’s Program.

You apply for the program during your junior year in the undergraduate program, then begin taking graduate courses in your senior year. You will meet some undergraduate journalism and general elective credits through your coursework in the graduate program. 

You earn both your undergraduate and graduate degree at the same time after you’ve successfully met all requirements for both degrees. 


For more information, please contact Jacob Winston-Galant in Medill’s Office of Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid. Once at Medill, you will work with an adviser in the Medill Office of Student Life to develop a plan for you to complete the Accelerated Master’s Program and organize your undergraduate coursework accordingly. 

Mariana Alfaro (BSJ18, MSJ18)
"Being able to get a BSJ and MSJ in four years was something I did not expect when I came to Northwestern. But by helping me pick the right classes and organize my quarters, Medill made it possible for me to get both degrees while also spending quarters off-campus in programs such as Medill on the Hill."Mariana Alfaro (BSJ18, MSJ18)