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Global Perspectives is a five day course taught in London in the fall quarter that gives you the chance to learn about leadership and branding in a global context. You focus on understanding how organizations attract international audiences to grow their brands.

Medill’s priority is always the health and safety of our students so we may make adjustments to planned travel based on guidance from Northwestern’s Office of Global Safety and Security.

A student posing next to a phone booth.
In addition to visiting Wimbledon and touring the Museum of Brands, Medill IMC students in the 2019 London course were also able to get a better understanding of the city's culture. 
Anike Owoye (IMC19)
This experience in London has been unique because it was an opportunity to develop an immersive understanding of how consumer behavior and perceptions inform brand strategy. It's been amazing to use all of the research skills we learned throughout the IMC program to get into the minds of the consumers.

Anike Owoye (IMC19)

Leadership is now part of understanding an international environment in a digital world. In this course, you will stretch your skills in communication, develop your leadership skills and acquire global acumen. You'll explore organizational behavior and the skills needed to lead brands in the new digital and creative economy.

You make London your classroom, learning from top local scholars and industry experts. You also interact with experts from leading brands, agencies, consulting firms and media in London, the leading center of finance, culture and business in Europe.

In addition to traditional classroom instruction, you also learn from guest speakers and offsite visits with local scholars, industry experts and leading brand consultants, including IMC alumni. While there, some students choose to travel to other countries before the course starts or after it ends to explore other areas of Europe.

Jules Zappone (IMC19)
I think it’s important that, as marketers, we always consider the importance and impact of culture on consumer behavior and attitude toward products. The opportunity to study and explore in another country creates informed, culturally-sensitive marketers who, ultimately, learn to navigate and appreciate diverse teams.

Jules Zappone (IMC19)