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A class of students in San Francisco.

San Francisco

Located in the heart of the city’s financial district, Medill’s new San Francisco site gives you the opportunity to combine your love of journalism and technology as part of the Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MIE) specialization that we launched in 2016. Students in the specialization focus on design thinking and research – techniques and approaches for learning and understanding the needs of users or audiences.

In the center of Silicon Valley’s thriving tech culture, our space features glass walls to offer unparalleled views of the city. The campus is the result of an innovative cross-school partnership between Medill and Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering.

Ashley Zhang in front of a sign that says Iterable.

Ashley Zhang (MSJ17) was embedded at Iterable for her practicum as part of the Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship specialization.

In addition to taking three courses, you will be embedded in the innovation community through a two-day-a-week practicum at a Bay Area media or tech company. This interdisciplinary experience lets you collaborate with software developers, MBA students and designers to build and launch a media or technology product. Then, you can  apply your San Francisco experience in the NUvention Web+Media capstone class that teams  Medill students with others from Northwestern schools. As a member, you will help develop and pitch ideas for media publications or products and ultimately launch the idea.

If you want to experience San Francisco but are not part of the Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship specialization, you can add a fifth quarter.