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IMC Certificate Plus Master's

Students who complete the IMC Certificate can earn the IMC master’s degree in the Full-Time program at an accelerated pace.

Benefits for IMC Certificate students

  • Earn the IMC master’s degree in the Full-Time program with three fewer courses (four quarters instead of five)
  • Avoid the GRE/GMAT test requirement
  • Build experience working with companies on real-world projects during Immersion Quarter
  • Gain deeper knowledge of integrated marketing communications—including data analysis and insights, branding, media and strategic communications—to accelerate your career
  • Learn from some of the same faculty you've gotten to know in the IMC Certificate program
  • Experience new opportunities, such as taking marketing communications courses in San FranciscoAsia, London, Chile or Paris (note that some of these courses take place during the fifth quarter of the program)
  • Access Medill Career Services and the vast Medill alumni network

IMC master’s program overview

Compared to the IMC Certificate, the master's program has a deeper focus on connecting consumer insights to brand communications across multiple platforms, particularly digital and social media. The program also develops substantial skills in marketing measurement and analytics.

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You can complete your master’s degree in the IMC Full-Time program in four quarters instead of five by waiving out of three courses: Marketing Research, Consumer Insight and one elective course.


To take advantage of the fewer required credits and GRE/GMAT waiver, students must have completed the five-course undergraduate IMC Certificate not more than three years prior to enrolling in the IMC Full-Time master's program.

Apply for the IMC Full-Time Master's Program


Contact Medill Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid Tatyana Rodriguez.