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A group of students in purple tie-dye shirts.A group of students in purple tie-dye shirts.

Bachelor of Science
In Journalism

Join the only top-10 university with an undergraduate degree in journalism

If you are deeply curious about the world and want to research, report and produce journalism that matters, Medill offers the combination of a top-ranked university, a best-in-class journalism education and a Big Ten college experience.

Take a Northwestern Direction to experience our life-changing degree.

Why pursue a bachelor's in journalism at Medill?

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Information Sessions on most Fridays

My Medill Story

Watch as students share the skills they've learned, job opportunities they've had, places they've visited, stories they've reported on and people they've met in Northwestern University Medill School's undergraduate journalism (BSJ) program.Watch My Medill Story
Students wearing orange Today Show parkas.

Discover the 4 components of the Bachelor's in Journalism Curriculum

  • Sheet of paper and pen.

    Core Curriculum

    The core curriculum is built to put all first-year students on the same page. We'll teach you the Medill way of reporting, writing, editing and thinking critically.

  • Camera and notepad.

    Journalism Electives

    We offer a wide variety of journalism electives. Choose courses that will help you build expertise in the areas you are most passionate about.

  • Bar and pie chart.

    Double Major, Minor or Certificate Opportunity

    In addition to the core classes, students can select a concentration in a discipline outside Medill. You'll explore your passion for political science, history, economics, a foreign language, computer science and much more.

  • Newspaper.

    Journalism Residency

    Work full time as a reporter or public relations specialist for one quarter at media outlets in the U.S. or abroad through Medill's Journalism Residency, a one-of-a-kind program.

Explore the Journalism Curriculum

We believe in learning by doing. Whether you are passionate about social justice, politics, global affairs, entrepreneurship, technology, the arts or sports, you'll have the chance to develop those passions into expertise.

Journalism Values, Practice and Trends

Journalism Values, Practice and Trends

Students learn fundamental theories of human behavior and media consumption in order to understand new technologies, content opportunities, and relationship-building with journalism audiences.

Explore Journalism Values, Practice, Trends
Two students working together on a laptop.

Fundamentals of Reporting and Writing News

This course emphasizes the critical practices of ethical journalism and deadline reporting and writing and builds a strong foundation for all Medill classes.

Explore Fundamentals of Reporting and Writing
A student standing behind a camera and tripod.

Fundamentals of Video Journalism

This course encourages students to explore, dissect, create and appreciate reporting, interviewing and storytelling with video.

Explore Fundamentals of Video Journalism
Journalism in Practice

Journalism in Practice

During spring break, you and faculty travel overseas to report in a different country. Other sections offer hands-on reporting experiences in the Chicago area.

Explore Journalism in Practice
A student reporting in front of the Supreme Court.

Media Law and Ethics

The legal and ethical framework defining media freedoms and constraints in the US, including copyright and trademark issues.

Explore Media Law and Ethics
Students pose in front of a sign that says New York.

Journalism Residency

Put what you’ve learned into practice during the Journalism Residency program, where you will work alongside professional journalists for one quarter at one of Medill’s numerous media partners, giving you the real-world experience to propel your career.

Explore Journalism Residency
A student interviewing a man.

Framed: The Media and the Marginalized

This course will set a framework for recognizing and analyzing media narrative framing, as well as the representation of traditionally marginalized groups within that narrative frame.

Explore Framed: The Media and the Marginalized
Two students filming.


This course provides students with a comprehensive overview of HD video production specifically geared towards producing short documentaries that tell human stories.

Explore Documentary
A student on the street writing in her notebook.

Journalism of Empathy

This course will explore writing about people who live along the margins - individuals and places neglected and misunderstood by mainstream America.

Explore Journalism of Empathy
A classroom of students.

Media Design

This class explores the fundamental tools of design, typographic contrast and color theory. You will analyze current approaches to newspaper, magazine, web and mobile design.

Explore Media Design
A student and faculty member at Dodgers Stadium.

Sports Commentary

The goal for each student in this course is to develop a distinctive voice that stands out from the cacophony of opinions in the sporting world, to create commentary that is informative, thought-provoking and entertaining and to adapt those messages for delivery across multiple media platforms:  the written word, television, radio, podcasts and social media.

Explore Sports Commentary
A student conducting an interview while recording and wearing headphones.

Audio storytelling

Learn how to gather sound, conduct interviews, script stories, and produce your final pieces. The class will focus on news spots, vox, and news features.

Explore Audio storytelling

Explore The World And Your Passion For Journalism

Students on a boat.

Short-Term Global Opportunities

Learn how to ask questions and find answers on a global stage in Medill's weeklong, faculty-led trips.

Explore Short-Term Global Opportunities
Students seated in the grass at the Qatar campus.

Semester in Qatar

Medill's Semester in Qatar program gives undergraduates a unique opportunity to earn journalism credits as visiting students at our campus in Doha.

Explore Semester in Qatar
Students at La Nacion.

Global Journalism Residency

Spend a quarter abroad and earn credit toward your degree with our media internship partner organizations in Argentina, South Africa or Qatar.

Explore Global Journalism Residency
Students laughing on a study abroad trip.

Northwestern Study Abroad

Immerse yourself in a new culture at Northwestern's study abroad program.

Explore Northwestern Study Abroad
Members of Northwestern's NABJ chapter display the Student Chapter of the Year award they won at the national NABJ convention.

Student Media and Organizations

Getting involved in student media and journalism organizations at Northwestern allows you to practice your skills while building community with fellow students and developing ties to the professional world.

Explore Student Media and Organizations

Take the Next Step

We offer in person information sessions most Fridays and virtual information sessions twice a month on Mondays. We will give you an overview of Medill’s programs and answer your questions.

A group of students and Willie the Wildcat gather in a huddle.

Your Medill Journalism Network

Ndidi Massay (BSJ89)
Robert Samuels (BSJ06)
Andre Gaines (BSJ01)
Melissa Brotz (BSJ90)
Joe Fryer (BSJ00)
Brian Rosenthal (BSJ11)
Cassidy Hubbarth
J.A. Adande (BSJ92)
Ndidi Massay (BSJ89)
Ndidi Massay (BSJ89)
Vice President, Workplace Culture & Diversity Initiatives, CBS Sports
Robert Samuels (BSJ06)
Robert Samuels (BSJ06)
National Enterprise Reporter, The Washington Post
Andre Gaines (BSJ01)
Andre Gaines (BSJ01)
Producer, Cinemation Studios
Melissa Brotz (BSJ90)
Melissa Brotz (BSJ90)
Chief Marketing Officer, Abbott
Joe Fryer (BSJ00)
Joe Fryer (BSJ00)
News Anchor/Correspondent, NBC News
Brian Rosenthal (BSJ11)
Brian Rosenthal (BSJ11)
Pulitzer Prize Winner and Investigative reporter at The New York Times
Cassidy Hubbarth
Cassidy Hubbarth (BSJ07)
Host and reporter, ESPN NBA
J.A. Adande (BSJ92)
J.A. Adande (BSJ92)
Associate Professor and Director of Sports Journalism

Ndidi Massay (BSJ89)Vice President, Workplace Culture & Diversity Initiatives, CBS Sports

"I would not be where I am today without Medill. Medill helped establish and steer my passion toward a career in media by creating an environment that offered many opportunities for students to excel and succeed. I learned invaluable academic, journalism, media and life skills that shaped me, but what resonates the most and continues to serve me today, is the under-appreciated skill of strong, effective writing."

Robert Samuels (BSJ06)Co-author of "His Name is George Floyd: One Man's Life and the Struggle for Racial Justice"

"With each story we write, we make a bet with the readers. The bet is that we can create a better world if we take information provided to us that is honest and fair. It's a noble gamble, one well worth taking."

Andre Gaines (BSJ01)Producer, Cinemation Studios

"Medill taught me how to write, and I attribute much of my success today to the foundations of storytelling that I learned at Medill. That foundation gave me the confidence to clearly convey my thoughts, articulate myself with simplicity, share my stories, and ultimately make the movies and TV shows I make today."

Melissa Brotz (BSJ90)Chief Marketing Officer, Abbott

Melissa Brotz is Abbott's vice president of global marketing and external affairs, and serves as the company's chief marketing, communications and sustainability officer. Brotz also serves as president of the Abbott Fund, Abbott's philanthropic foundation. She was appointed to her current role in September 2018. She joined Abbott in 1996 after several years with leading public relations agencies, and rose through a series of positions in its pharmaceuticals business and corporate office, most recently heading the company's global communications group.

Joe Fryer (BSJ00)News Anchor/Correspondent, NBC News

Joe Fryer is an American journalist working for NBC News as a west coast correspondent based at the NBC News West Coast Bureau in Universal City, California. He joined NBC News in 2013 as a part-time correspondent and officially joined NBC News as a full-time correspondent in October of 2013. He reports for NBC Nightly News, TODAY, MSNBC, NBC News Now and other NBCUniversal properties.

Brian Rosenthal (BSJ11)Pulitzer Prize Winner and Investigative reporter at The New York Times

"If not for my time at Medill -- the education, the mentorship, the on-the-ground experience and so much more -- I would never be where I am today."

Cassidy Hubbarth (BSJ07)Host and reporter, ESPN NBA

Cassidy Hubbarth is host and reporter for ESPN NBA. Hubbarth hosts ESPN2's NBA Tonight and also anchors ESPN's SportsCenter and College Football Live.

J.A. Adande (BSJ92)Associate Professor and Director of Sports Journalism

J.A. Adande has worked in sports media for over two and a half decades, including multiple roles at ESPN and 10 years as a sports columnist at the Los Angeles Times, in addition to jobs at The Washington Post and Chicago Sun-Times. He has covered a broad array of sports and events, including 20 NBA Finals, Super Bowls, the World Series, the Stanley Cup finals, the Olympics, the World Cup, Wimbledon, the U.S. Open and the Masters. He continues to appear on ESPN’s “Around The Horn,” where he has been a panelist since the show’s beginning in 2002.
Patti Wolter
Mei-Ling Hopgood
Karen Springen
Craig Duff
Elise De Los Santos.
Chris Benson.
Ceci Rodgers.
Arionne Nettles
Jeremy Gilbert.
Patti Wolter
Patti Wolter
Helen Gurley Brown Magazine Professor and Charles Deering McCormick Distinguished Clinical Professor
Mei-Ling Hopgood
Mei-Ling Hopgood
Karen Springen
Karen Springen
Assistant Professor
Craig Duff
Craig Duff
Elise De Los Santos.
Elise De Los Santos
Chris Benson.
Chris Benson
Associate Professor
Ceci Rodgers.
Ceci Rodgers
Assistant Professor and Director of Global Journalism Learning
Arionne Nettles
Arionne Nettles
Lecturer and Director of Audio Journalism Programming
Jeremy Gilbert.
Jeremy Gilbert
Knight Professor in Digital Media Strategy

Patti WolterHelen Gurley Brown Magazine Professor and Charles Deering McCormick Distinguished Clinical Professor

Patti Wolter joined the Medill faculty in the spring of 2002. Prior to joining the faculty, she spent 12 years in senior staff magazine jobs in New York, San Francisco and Chicago. She served as managing editor as well as acting editor at Mother Jones magazine and oversaw the award-winning health investigations team at Self magazine.

Mei-Ling HopgoodProfessor

Mei-Ling Hopgood is a freelance journalist and writer who has written for various publications, ranging from the National Geographic Traveler and Marie Claire to the Miami Herald and the Boston Globe. She has worked as a reporter with the Detroit Free Press, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and in the Cox Newspapers Washington bureau.

Karen SpringenAssistant Professor

Karen Springen leads the graduate journalism Magazine Specialization, and teaches undergraduate and graduate reporting and writing classes. She advises several student groups, including the student-run North by Northwestern magazine.

Craig DuffProfessor

Craig Duff is a professor at Medill and also the graduate journalism Video and Broadcast Specialization leader. He is an award-winning video journalist and documentary television director, producer and writer, specializing in multi-platform storytelling and solo journalism.

Elise De Los SantosLecturer

Elise De Los Santos is a lecturer at Medill and the editor of Medill Reports. She teaches undergraduate and graduate classes on reporting and writing.

Chris BensonAssociate Professor

Christopher Benson, a journalist and lawyer, is an associate professor of journalism. As a professional journalist, Benson has worked as Washington editor for Ebony magazine, city hall reporter in Chicago for WBMX-FM, and as a contributor for The Chicago Reporter, writing a weekly online column on justice, race and media issues.

Ceci RodgersAssistant Professor and Director of Global Journalism Learning

Ceci Rodgers is an assistant professor and director of global journalism learning at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism and president-elect of the Faculty Senate. Rodgers teaches business and economics reporting courses, as well as video journalism and basic writing and reporting to graduate and undergraduate students.

Arionne NettlesLecturer and Director of Audio Journalism Programming

Arionne Nettles is a lecturer and director of audio journalism programming at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications. As a culture reporter in print and audio, her stories often look into Chicago history, culture, gun violence, policing and race & class disparities as a contributor to the New York Times Opinion, Chicago Reader, The Trace, Medium's ZORA and Momentum, Chicago PBS station WTTW and NPR affiliate WBEZ.

Jeremy GilbertKnight Professor in Digital Media Strategy

Jeremy Gilbert is the Knight Professor of Digital Media Strategy. Both his work and teaching focus on the content and revenue strategies of existing and emerging media companies. He explores the intersection of technology and media, examining how new tools and techniques will affect the creation, consumption and distribution of media.

Featured Student Work

Woman sitting on park bench looking at camera.

The American Dream Daughter

Sofia Sanchez (BSJ21) writes for Latino USA about a conversation between author Karla Cornejo Villavicencio and host Maria Hinojosa as they discuss intergenerational wounds and how to begin to heal them.

Read the article in Latino USA
Photo of Eric Shin next to a photo of their drag queen alter ego Erica Chai.

A Queen's Seoul

Sian Shin (BSJ21) documents the career of drag performer Erica Chai in South Korea.

Watch A Queen's Seoul
Mike Jones, wearing a medical mask, stands on a CTA platform, watching a train pass.

Alone In a Pandemic: One Day in the Life of a Homeless Chicagoan During COVID-19

Tabor Brewster (BSJ23) spends a day photographing Mike Jones, a homeless Chicagoan, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

View Alone In a Pandemic
Researchers stand beside the found Quercus tardifolia, commonly known as the lateleaf oak. Photo by U.S. Botanic Garden.

Oak Tree Thought to be Extinct Found in Big Bend National Park

Natalia Gonzalez Blanco Serrano (BSJ24) published a story in Texas Highways about a species of oak tree, thought to be extinct, that was discovered in Big Bend National Park.

Read Serrano's article
A food vendor displays a variety of sea foods.

Food Tourism Is the Perfect Entrée for Greener Travel

Mary Ann Ha (BSJ23) writes in Skift about how food tourism can make sustainable travel easier and more desirable.

Read Ha's article

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